The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

A classic collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures.


Considered to be a valuable testimony of the suffering of the American Civil War, in this collection, American Poet Walt Whitman drew from his experiences in the field hospitals.

Short Stories by Jack London

A collection of four short stories by renowned storyteller, Jack London including 'The Scarlett Plague' and 'An Odyssey of the North'.

Bedtime Stories for Children

A magical collection of short stories to entertain children and ease the bedtime routine including Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault, Hansel and Gretel by The Brothers Grimm and...

Short Stories by G. K. Chesterton

A Collection of Chesteton's vintages tales including The Invisible Man and The Three Tools of Death.

The Poetry of Rupert Brooke

A collection of Rupert Brooke's idealist sonnets written during World War 1. Read by Bart Wolffe.

Short Stories for Children

The perfect introduction to storytelling and a wonderful accompaniment to bedtime.This collection includes well-loved tales such as Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving, Henny...


Taken from Charles Lamb's children's book 'Tales From Shakespeare', this adaptation tells the story of Macbeth.

Classic Detective Stories

A spine tingling selection of classic detective stories to entertain.

Short Stories

A selection of short stories by Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy, considered to be one of the greatest writers of the genre his stories are often guided by his moralistic views.

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