The plot revolves around four characters: Othello, a Moor general in the Venetian army, his wife, Desdemona, his lieutenant, Cassio, and his most trusted advisor Iago. Because of...

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night or What You Will is a slapstick, almost modern, romantic comedy concerning passion, romance, mistaken identities, and practical jokes. Viola has been separated from...

Miracle of Starvation Flat

Cal Larimore's intention is to build a mile-long toll bridge across the narrows between two high desert lakes in eastern Oregon. It is a task fraught with intrigue and suspense,...

Uncle John's Band The Grateful Dead Story

The Grateful Dead mesmerized generations with their tribal rhythms and uninhibited performances. Through never-before-published interviews with music-industry insiders, Geoffrey...

The Skinning of Black Coyote

Tracy Higgins works as a scout for freight wagon trains. He had been six years old when he'd been adopted by the Oglala Bad Face band of Sioux that had burned the frontier trading...

Colt-Cure for Woolly Fever

The Sheepmans' Bank needs a new safe. Meanwhile the sheriff, his deputy and twenty men with shotguns are watching the money. Will someone still be tempted?

Death Rides this Trail

Jake Breslin brought his family west to homestead. When he's killed in a saloon brawl, his 16 year old son Dirk, Dirk's brothers and sisters, and their mother decide to meet the...

Death Marks Time in Trampas A Western Quintet

Stories include: "Battle Hymn for a Last Lawman", "Valley of the Damned", "Glory Blast", "Border Blood".

Sundown Corral

Torch Breen and the Kettlesons had managed to avoid killing each other - until they met in the Point-of-Rocks Bar. Then they shot the whole town to pieces.

A Death Marks Time in Trampas: Western Quintet Westerns

Southerland enters the Valley of the Damned to find his brothers’ murderers. Will he survive?

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