A Short History of Christmas

Young readers learn about the early traditions which have led to our present-day celebration of Christmas.


Did you know NASA builds robots? Did you know NASA has many ways to explore outer space? Find out more in NASA.

Mike Trout

Mike Trout is a standout MLB outfielder. Learn about his childhood and his rise to becoming a baseball superstar.

Thunder and Lightning

Through stunning photographs and simple text, books in this series introduce children to different types of weather. In Thunder and Lightning, children learn about different types...

Stars of Stock Car Racing

They speed around tracks. They win big races. Who are the brightest stars in professional stock car racing?

Tunneling to Freedom The Great Escape from Stalag Luft III

Experience the incredible story of the brave men who tunneled to escape a German prisoner-of-war camp. Readers will learn about the planners, task leaders, and key players of the...

Education Through the Years How Going to School Has Changed in Living Memory

What was school like when your grandparents were young? How were classrooms different in the 1970s? Did children use computers at school in the 1980s?Find all the answers and more...

Safe Social Networking

If a strange person asks to be your online friend, do you know what to do? Don’t worry if you don’t. This book is here to help! Learn tech-savvy ways to keep your social...

Baby Animals in Pouches

Boing! A mother kangaroo jumps. Her baby sits in her pouch. Through delightfully simple text and bright, close-up photos, beginning readers will discover why pouches make good...


This book takes a very simple look at the Brachiosaurus dinosaur, examining what it looked like, what it ate, how it behaved, and its special skills and features such as its very...

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