Come On Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All A New Zealand Story

Come on Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All is the story of the cultural collision between Westerners and the Maoris of New Zealand, told partly as a history of the complex and...

Sea People The Puzzle of Polynesia

A blend of Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel and Simon Winchester's Pacific, a thrilling intellectual detective story that looks deep into the past to uncover who first...

The Poetry of Christina Rossetti

A collection of Christina Rossetti's finest poetry including Goblin Market.

Marquita Thompson

Marquita Thompson, Master Life Coach explores life and life coaching, using humor, intelligence, and a lot of personal experience.

Thompson Burton

Podcast by Thompson Burton

The Christmas Collection

Christmas brings out the best and the worst in us, as can be seen in this evocative anthology. Among what Thomas Love Peacock calls the ‘many poetical charms in the heraldings...

Christina South

The Christina South show is talk radio to help you develop, and trust your intuition, as well as live a more spiritually fulfilling life. Listeners will be able to call in with...

Bidding On The Billionaire

It’s a simple plan... until they kiss.Rather than disappoint his beloved aunt, billionaire Derek Sherbrooke has reluctantly agreed to participate in her foundation’s...

Christina Predicts

Christina Predicts. Every Tuesday at 9pm Eastern.

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