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Welcome to the R And J podcast, where amazing things happen.

R & J Project

This R and J podcast is about the language, theme, tone, and figurative language from our production "Julia Dies"

Music By Christopher J

Christopher J writes, records & produces songs for people to download, share and enjoy. Sings, plays guitar, bass, ukulele. And happens to be single side deaf.

R&j Wrestling Podcast

Home of 'WHO BOOKED THIS CRAP!?' and 'THE SCOOP' - R and J discuss the joys of the fantastic and interesting world of pro wrestling.


A Fun Loving Visually Impaired Canadian guy who likes to share positive thoughts and topics about life. This can also include news, and It's an everything kind of show. Tune in...

Sermons Of Rev. Christopher R Gillespie

Pr. Gillespie is currently serving as vacancy pastor of St. Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church (Mayfair), Chicago, Illinois.

J. R. R. Tolkien E A Crítica À Modernidade

Para Tolkien, no centro dos problemas da modernidade está a relação de poder que a humanidade estabeleceu com o mundo natural, uma relação mediada pela tecnologia. A obra...

R J Ehlke Podcast

A huge fan of the Detroit Tigers looking for a place to rant about my team. I also will dive into all baseball. Give fantasy baseball advice and since baseball can have its down...

Christopher Asiedu

Sharing What's on my heart with the rest of the world. Stay tuned for impact full podcasts and real issues.

Christopher Weedon

Personal development is the major key!

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