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Narcís Presas, a prop dels seixanta anys, s’ha retirat a un casalot enmig del bosc amb la intenció de matar Amanieu de Palol, el protagonista de la sèrie de novel•la...


Indomitable Steve Byrne brings the high-energy flair that earned him a nod as one of the best comics in the history of the Comedy Central Stand Up.

Champion Stories Become A Champion

Some are born champions. Some make themselves champions. Listen to 7 champion stories and make your own roadmap to become that champion you always wanted to.


PIXELATED is a game and tech podcast! We talk about the latest and greatest news!

Amazing Living With D&l Previews

Amazing Living is a podcast for people who are serious about transforming their lives from Common, Average, and Ordinary, and making it truly AMAZING!Dawn & Lucky Read are truly...

Highlander's Champion

Traveling through time…for a Highlander. It’s been four long years since Arianna MacLeod Cunningham’s ancestor opened a portal in the past to free lost souls and...

The Champion

Haypress feeding is a brutal test of strength that can kill a man. Cafferty isn't worried. He's going after Frenchie's record anyway — the prize is a dream come true.

Champion Center

The official Champion Christian Center Podcast! Enjoy the latest sermons from Pastors Nathan and Joie Miller! Visit championcenter.net for more!

Champion Minded

If you're looking to create excellence in both sports and in life, then this is the podcast for you! Speaker, author, sports performance and mindset coach, Allistair McCaw aims to...

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