The Sherlock Effect

Christopher Sherlock Webster spent his schooldays desperately trying to live down his embarrassing middle name, gifted to him by his Holmes-obsessed father. But after his dad's...

Lord James Harrington and the Easter Mystery

The Cavendish residents are discussing the traditional Easter festivities and egg hunt on the Harrington estate when the vicar’s dog digs up a bone. Retracing the dog’s walk,...

Lord James Harrington and the Christmas Mystery

It’s Christmas and James and Beth are preparing for Harrington’s festive dinner and dance. This year, famous diva Olivia Dupre is singing; a wedding is taking place and...

The Murder of Crows

As the Big Freeze of 1947 grips the land, the railways struggle in their battle against the snow and refugees from the recent war in Europe, freezing in the Displaced Person's...

The Vagabond Clown

When unexpected disaster strikes Lord Westfield's Men during a packed performance, Nicholas Bracewell must save the day. Will a vagabond clown prophesy the end of the troupe, and...

History Revealed: Billy the Kid the Young Gun Episode 37

His lawless days only lasted four years, but he is still remembered as perhaps the most notorious outlaw of the Wild West.

History Revealed: Cromwell's Last Battle Episode 40

The Parliamentatrian's crushing defeat of Charles II's army at Worcester finally brought to an end more than a decade of civil war in Britain.

Goblin Quest

Another fantastically exciting novel set in a land of magic from the award-winning Philip Reeve. The heroes of Goblins continue their adventures outside the walls of Clovenstone...

Get Into Sport: Five Ways You're Probably not Using Strava but Should Episode 17

Many users don’t realise they have a host of undiscovered additional functions at their disposal too.

Get Into Sport: Beat any Hill Episode 16

Going Up? We talk hill climbing training and technique with four national champions.

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