Blackbird: A Childhood Lost And Found [abridged]

With the startling emotional immediacy of a fractured family photo album, Jennifer Lauck's incandescent memoir is the story of an ordinary girl growing up at the turn of the 1970s...

Jennifer Lopez with Hoda Kotb

Jennifer Lopez in an intimate conversation with Hoda Kotb about her life and new book, True Love, a candid and revealing look at one of the most defining moments of her life.Like...


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Jennifer Malocha

Let's Talk with Jennifer Malocha focuses on helping people discover their passion, their purpose and ultimately help them live the healthiest, happiest lives they can.

Jennifer Touma

Are YOU a Business Woman yearning to be empowered by the Essence of the Warrior Queen Confident | Decisive | In Charge NO MATTER WHAT?...........A Warrior Queen inspires others...

Jennifer Lopez

This Chelsea House's Galaxy of Superstars book features the young diva who has taken the country by storm with a dynamic singing voice and notable acting credits.

My Wellness Wake UP Call™ - Inspirational Interview An Uplfting Interview with Jennifer Jimenez, John St. Augustine and Robin B. Palmer

My Wellness Wake UP Call™ Inspirational Interview™ with Jennifer Jimenez, John St. Augustine and Robin B. PalmerMy Wellness Wake UP Call™ Inspirational Interview™ is part...

Jennifer Schmidt 34

Podcast by Jennifer Schmidt

The 60 Day Challenge A Feature Teaching With Dennis and Jennifer Clark

What’s it worth to you to see major life change? Perhaps you have said the “right” words, but still the pain lingers within. You have repeated the prayers, but the anxiety...

Jennifer Murdley's Toad

As if she didn't have trouble enough after her classmates discovered she had worn her brother's underwear to school (oh, the teasing, the humiliation!)Jennifer Murdley has just...

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