Anna And Anna

Podcast by Anna Trenary and Anna Lance

Marcia Schuyler

When Marcia Schuyler’s beautiful and selfish older sister, Kate, abandons handsome David Spafford at the wedding altar, Marcia offers to take Kate’s place. Her offer...


Anna Cole grew up poor, but her mother's love made her feel rich every day. Then her mother died, and Anna was sent to a care home. As a teenager, Anna vowed that one day she...

Marko Batista

MARKO BATISTA is Ljubljana based mixed-media artist born in 1976 in Tito's Yugoslavia. At the end of the year 1997 he is accepted to ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS in Ljubljana under the...


Welcome to the Batista podcast, where amazing things happen.

Dr. Adriano Medeiros

Podcast by Adriano Medeiros

Anna Geller

Anna Geller is an Intuitive Healer and Abundance Facilitator. Shes helping clients all over the world create the life they always wanted through unleashing their passions,...

Anna Pastak

Podcast by Anna Pastak

Anna Zcitzo

Anna Zcitzo - Mentale helter jobber med å lufte det som luftes kan rundt menneskers generelle mentale helse... Og driver med humor på fritida. Anna Zcitzo - Mentale helter er...


O universo de Anna é vasto. De conhecidas paisagens paulistanas aos relatos ancestrais do fascinante universo bíblico; os personagens de Otavio Furman habitam distintas camadas....

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