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Unmasking Masculinity With Lewis Howes



“Let us revere the one who loves others deeply, loves himself deeply, and has a dream that he is inspired to live with and by and through. He is a man.”Lewis HowesThe word authenticity has been so co-opted and commodified, it's now almost impossible to use it without sounding hacky.But the sentiment behind the word remains beautiful. To me it means living honestly and with integrity. It means the courage and self-confidence to be open and vulnerable. It's what it means to live, breathe and move in alignment with your truest, highest self.I do my best to live authentically. I strive to inject this sensibility into the content I create. And it’s a consistent theme of this podcast.Intellectually we understand the importance of living authentically. However, we all find ourselves — myself included — nonetheless projecting a version of ourselves onto the world. Not the raw truth but an edited impression of who we are and what we want others to see; a facsimile of identity, custom tailored to su