The Rich Roll Podcast

Let’s Talk About Balance



“We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.” Julie PiattAn open panel discussion on non-traditional healing modalities and how we conceptualize balance in the construct of our lives, this episode is lifted from a session that Julie Piatt and I conducted during our Plantpower Ireland retreat this past July.It features our long-time friend Colin Hudon, a physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine who is also the founder of Living Tea, which imports the finest living teas sourced from ancient tea trees across both China and Taiwan.Topics discussed include:* Colin & Julie's personal struggles and experiences with self-healing;* Broadening our concept of healing beyond traditional Western modalities;* The idea of “healing by subtraction”; and* A lengthy discussion about how we conceptualize and apply the idea of “balance” in our lives.Plus, we take some great questions and comments from our Plantpower tribe!This one veers towards the more esoteric, so please approach with an open mind. You