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He can call it the peenie, the weiner, the ding dong; she can call it the hoo-ha, the vajayjay, the cooch. Maybe we just stick with the penis, the vagina. Or refer to the area or down there. We can call it anything that makes you feel comfortable, but were going to talk about it.Get in the know down below' with Dr. Susie Gronski and her guests as she demystifies the stigmas around sexual health and taboo subjects like poop and private parts.Dr. Susie Gronski is a doctor of physical therapy and a board certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner. She provides real advice without the medical fluff, sorta' like a friend who knows the lowdown down below.Copyright: 2017 by Susie Gronski


  • Moving better with less pain

    07/04/2020 Duration: 56min

    Seeking treatment at the start can seem frustrating - maybe the exercises aren’t working, maybe the hands-on manipulation is causing *more* pain, and you’re thinking “this is supposed to make me feel better why is it not working?!” The goal of physical therapy is not only about instant relief, but about rediscovering how your movement allows you to move better and with less pain. The goal of any therapy is to get your life back and allow you to do the things you love without worrying about your pain alarms ringing. Neil Pearson joins me on In Your Pants, a physiotherapist and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, and in this episode we bust misunderstandings about the conception of pain versus the lived experience. Check out the show notes on my website: for a worksheet on pain that you can do at home!

  • Activating your parasympathetic nervous system

    10/03/2020 Duration: 39min

      Yoga postures give you more than a stretch or workout: you’re actively changing your neurological platforms (aka how you experience the world) while moving your body. On today’s episode with Marlysa Sullivan, we’re sharing how yoga impacts the parasympathetic nervous system and how you can activate it at home. Everyone experiences the same benefits on the mat (which are starting to be noticed by the scientific community too!), and everyone who starts to practice yoga chooses to continue to roll out their mat because it makes them feel good physically, emotionally, and mentally. We'll also chat about polyvagal theory and what is its significance for physical, mental, behavioral health and physical therapy!

  • Yoga for pelvic pain

    10/02/2020 Duration: 46min

    Some of you might know, last July, I completed a 200hr yoga teacher training. These 3 weeks were not a walk in the park. It was both physically and emotionally challenging. Through this experience, I learned a lot about myself and deepened my connection with universal love and compassion. So on today’s show, Shelly and I talk about yoga, how you can apply yoga practice and philosophy both on the mat and in your everyday life to cultivate peace in your mind and compassion in your heart as you navigate the world of pain. Check the show notes at because Shelly has a free gift your you!

  • Acupuncture for erectile dysfunction

    13/01/2020 Duration: 32min

    Need help getting your penis to stand at attention? Let’s turn that frown upside down because there are lots you can do to improve your sexual health and function like diet, exercise, flexing your sex (ahem, pelvic floor exercises), sex toys, medications, and acupuncture. Yup, acupuncture, who knew?! On today’s show, I chat with licensed acupuncturist, Danielle Brunner, who tells us what acupuncture is and what it’s not, how it can help with your erections, and what you should expect during treatment (wipe the sweat off your faces guys, no needles go near your prized parts, phew!) Hope you enjoy the show!

  • Social support for men with pelvic pain

    03/12/2019 Duration: 34min

    Social support is crucial for well-being and solution-oriented problem-solving. Men don’t tend to have outlets to feel heard and understood, or a safe space to be vulnerable. Sociocultural taboos and stigmatization are major barriers to men seeking and receiving support, especially when it comes to their most prized parts. On today’s show, I’ve invited psychologist and sex therapist, Dr. Teresa Johnson, to chat about the barriers and challenges that men face with sexual health issues, intimacy, and pelvic pain. We dive into the importance of social support and connection when facing these challenges. We also have some exciting news to share with you, so be sure to listen to the entire show. Thanks again for listening, enjoy!

  • Finding Joy despite the pain

    28/10/2019 Duration: 34min

    Pain can suck the life outta ya, so how can you still find joy and meaning in life despite pain? This may seem like I’m asking you to climb Mt. Everest but even the most skilled climbers have to start at the base and work their way up to the top (some training is also involved of course). Taking that first step can seem impossible and scary but with the right coach by your side, you’ll turn impossible to I’Mpossible. In today's episode, I chat with Devra Joy. Devra is a physical therapist with a board certification in neurology. Her passion is to bring joy back into people's lives through compassion, collaboration and fun. You'll learn ways to pleasure hunt so that you can get back to doing the things in life that are meaningful to you. One baby step at a time...

  • Pain Heroes

    23/09/2019 Duration: 38min

    Pain is a normal human experience that everyone experiences at some point in their life. For some, pain can stick around longer, sorta like a house guest who’s overstayed their welcome. This unrelenting persistence can quite be challenging, testing your mental and physical resilience. Although living with pain is hard, there’s hope. In today’s episode, Alison Sim, author of Pain Heroes: Stories of Hope and Recovery, and I have a candid conversation about pain from both the patient and clinician perspective.

  • Keepin' it real sex talk and the BIG ⭕️ w/ Dr. UC Ossai

    28/08/2019 Duration: 35min

    In this day and age, there’s no lack of misinformation out there regarding sex and intimacy, shaping our lives and the world we live in. So, on today’s In Your Pants podcast, Dr. UC and I bust common sex myths and fairy tales around intimacy.  Here are the cliff notes from today’s episode: - Intimacy is not just this feminine thang - “It’s about being seen and heard” - Sexy time is not usually the issue, it’s the intimacy and the underlying relationship - Judgement is a human thing but the underlying issue is being aware of our judgements of others but most importantly the judgements that we have about ourselves - Sex is not porn, it’s entertainment, but yet it compromises a lot of the education around sex and intimacy - Porn is an incomplete picture of how sex and gender work - “It’s an incomplete picture of life” - Dr. UC - Expectations are a buzz kill in the bedroom - Sex is about people experiencing pleasure - Normalizing common sexual experiences like performance anxiety - When life happens, your sexual

  • C

    30/07/2019 Duration: 38min

    On today’s show we’ve got Dr. Tanginika, clinical sexologist, who’s going to help us dive into the realm of dangly bits. So if you own one or love someone who does, you’ll definitely want to perk up your ears and have a listen. Our conversation is also video recorded so be sure to check us out on YouTube because we use some great visuals. Here’s what you’ll get out of today’s episode: - The causes of erectile dysfunction for all ages (age is not to blame!) - How the brain influences erections and performance - What is premature ejaculation and what you can do about it - What is delayed ejaculation and tips to help you lift off sooner - The impact of prostate related health issues on sexual function - The difference between orgasm and ejaculation (hint, they’re not the same thing) - Sexual function post-prostatectomy

  • Keeping your prostate healthy w/ Craig Allingham

    25/06/2019 Duration: 48min

    On today’s show we’re going all the way down under talking about prostate health and how to keep it healthy with professor, author, and men’s health physiotherapist, Craig Allingham. Here’s what you’ll learn on today’s episode: - The role of the prostate and how it functions - Curative treatment options for prostate cancer - Complications that may occur with curative treatments - What to expect post-prostate surgery - The importance of pelvic floor physical therapy pre and post prostate surgery - Ways to train your pelvic muscles to help with continence control - Active surveillance for prostate cancer - How you can sabotage prostate cancer and stack the decks in your favor - The effects of stress, diet, lifestyle on your prostate health - How frequent ejaculation influences prostate health

  • Food as medicine for pelvic pain w/ Dr. Jessica Drummond

    04/06/2019 Duration: 30min

    On today’s In Your Pants podcast episode, we’re talking to Dr. Jessica Drummond about how the gut microbiome, digestive and immune health impact pelvic pain for both men and women. In this episode you’ll learn… - The connection between digestive issues and chronic pelvic pain - The connection between autoimmune disease and chronic pelvic pain - Strategies to help you relieve digestive/autoimmune issues and ease pelvic pain - How to work with food as medicine and optimize your digestive health from nutrition to excretion; a plan to make you fall in love with food all over again. - Other potential root causes of pelvic pain and digestive health issues

  • A World

    12/04/2019 Duration: 44min

    How do we get pain and why do we hurt? Annie O’Connor gives us the low down in today’s In Your Pants podcast episode. In today’s episode, here’s what you’ll learn: - How we get pain and why we hurt? - How the brain is the main protector and pain is a protective mechanism - 3 different ways the brain protects us - Why chronic pain is so bad today? - Annie’s most influential patient case that has changed her practice and the way she treats people in pain - Annie’s advice for healthcare providers working with people in pain Hope you enjoy the show!

  • America's Favorite Penis

    07/03/2019 Duration: 45min

    So, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever wanted to know about your penis but were too afraid to ask? Fear no more because I’ve got a special episode today to quench your curiosity. Dr. Aaron Spitz is a leading expert in male sexual health and fertility. He’s served as an assistant clinical professor at UC Irvine’s Department of Urology for 15yrs. He’s the director of male reproductive and sexual medicine at Orange County Urology Associates. He serves as the leader delegate representing all of America’s urologists to the American Medical Association and he has served as the president of the California Urological Association. Dr. Spitz has appeared on Dr. Phil and the Real Housewives of Orange County and is regularly featured expert on The Doctors.

  • Thriving from Business to the Bedroom w/ Dr. Shawn Haywood

    14/02/2019 Duration: 39min

    Happy Valentine's Day all you lovers out there. I've got a special episode for you. Dr. Shawn Haywood has been helping couples thrive from business to the bedroom. She shares with us the importance of taking radical responsibility for our own feelings and experiences in life and what it means to use a blame-free practice in our relationships. This podcast episode will transform your life (and your sex drive), you don't wanna miss it.

  • Moving Beyond Pain w/ Ben Cormack

    24/01/2019 Duration: 40min

    Hangnails hurt like hell, don’t they? Just because it hurts, doesn’t mean it’s life-threatening. Let me take it a step further by saying, hurt doesn’t always equal harm. Today’s show expands on this topic of pain, how it changes your life, and what you can do to move beyond pain. Ben Cormack owns and runs Cor-Kinetic. He is a musculoskeletal therapist with a clinical background in sports therapy, rehabilitation, pain science & exercise stretching back 15 years. He specializes in a movement & exercise-based approach with a strong education component and patient-centered focus. Ben is a popular international presenter who has delivered conferences presentations and courses all over the world.

  • Hard-Flaccid w/ Gerard Greene

    03/01/2019 Duration: 49min

    Googling to find information on hard-flaccid is like searching for a needle in a haystack. There’s not much on the topic other than a few blog posts and a forum or two. Hard-flaccid encompasses an umbrella of symptoms that can make any man cringe with fear and feel inadequate so that’s why I’ve dedicated today’s podcast to address this poorly recognized issue that men struggle with.   I’ve asked the UK’s leading men’s pelvic health physiotherapist, Gerard Greene, to help shed some knowledge on hard-flaccid and give you practical advice on what you can do when your penis just doesn’t feel like yours anymore.  

  • Escaping Hormone Hell

    14/12/2018 Duration: 48min

    On today’s show, we’re talking about the 3 P’s that can happen in your pants when hormone levels fall: prolapse, peeing, and pain. To help me do this, I’ve got expert Dr. Anna Garrett on the show today. Dr. Anna Garrett has been a clinical pharmacist for over 25 years and has worked in a variety of practice settings. While traveling her career path, she discovered that working with women in midlife is her true passion.

  • Treating Complex Pelvic Pain w/ Maria Elliot

    22/11/2018 Duration: 43min

    Pelvic pain is complex. It’s often a mystery for many patients and practitioners alike but it isn’t all doom and gloom in your undercarriage. There's hope. On today’s episode, I chat with one of UK’s leading Female Health specialists and Pelvic and Abdominal Physiotherapists specializing in Post-Natal Rehab and Complex Pelvic Pain Recovery.

  • Paving your recovery w/ pain science

    08/11/2018 Duration: 49min

    Today we’ll be debunking pain through a patient’s perspective using a pain science lens. So if you’re in pain, know someone in pain or a healthcare provider who cares for people in pain, listen up

  • Stop

    18/10/2018 Duration: 52min

    On today’s show, you’re going to change your relationship with pain. Pain gets a bad rap, but guys, pain is a 'defender not an offender.' It’s normal to experience pain in life and often it’s unavoidable but living with pain is far from normal. It’s time to bring hope and recovery back on the table so I’ve invited Dr. Perry Nickelston on the show today to help you stop chasing pain and start living life.

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