The Witches' Castle (moonlit Tales Of The Macabre - Small Bites Book 11)

Alexander Belyaev's rare foray into a bit of mysticism, "The Witches' Castle" is a reminder how careful must be wandering around the woods, especially when mysterious strangers...

Indian Tale About Four Deaf Men

A very old and insightful tale that holds up surprisingly well in the modern context.

Birthday Girl

An everyday tragedy brought into stark relief and elevated to high drama by the skilled pen of Maria Krestovskaya, as she focuses her readers' attention on someone, whose life...

The Wooden Guest (moonlit Tales Of The Macabre - Small Bites Book 5)

"The wooden guest" is an odd little tale by Prince Vladimir Odoyevsky. It starts off as a kind of fairy tale for grownups and develops into a brief lesson in philosophy, with...

Family Troubles

Literary critic, E. A. Koltonovskaya, described the literary style of novelist Maria Krestovskaya as follows, “Her pen, for all its feminine agility, is often remarkable for its...

The Binge: The Great Food Adventure From Ukraine To America With Numerous Detours

THE BINGE is more than just a cookbook. It is an endlessly amusing, semi-biographical, all-around irreverent discussion of all things food with a stack of delicious recipes thrown...

Unforgettable Stories

A set of fascinating tales on various aspects of nature - ruthless, strange, puzzling, yet invariably beautiful and captivating.

The Air Merchant

Imagine if one man devised a way to gain control of one vital resource no one can live without. What would you do then?

Of Men And Women

"Of Men And Women" is an anthology of short stories by the great Russian writer Alexander Kuprin focusing on various types of relationships between the two genders. Traditional...

Random Tales

This short collection of Alexander Kuprin's stories and novellas is intended as light reading - to amuse, puzzle, entertain, and enchant.

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