The Well: A Novel

Set in a modern-day Britain where water is running out everywhere except at the farm of one seemingly ordinary family whose mysterious good fortune leads to a shocking act of...


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Chanter Banter

Podcast by Chanter Banter

Pony Scouts: Pony Crazy

No one loves horses more than Meg. She has pony books, pony toys, and even a pony rug! But Meg lives in the big city and has never been around real ponies before. Then her family...

Pony Scouts: The New Pony

The Pony Scouts are becoming better at riding with every lesson. But just when they think they've seen it all, a new horse arrives on Jill's farm—one who hasn't...

Something In The Water: The Gripping Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick!

‘Pure adrenaline: I swallowed this book whole’ ERIN KELLY, author of top ten bestseller He Said/She Said ‘A stunning debut … Superbly written, clever and...

Catherine Caputo

Welcome to Catherine Caputo, where amazing things happen.

Pony Scouts: Back in the Saddle

The Pony Scouts' last visit to Jill's farm was one they'll never forget—that was the night Surprise, the baby foal, was born! Annie can't wait to see her again. But when...

Pony Scouts: The Trail Ride

The Pony Scouts have come a long way with their riding lessons. Meg, Jill, and Annie can steer their ponies. They even know how to trot! So what's the harm in taking a little...

Catherine Hu

Discussion about my opinion of discrimination and also of the video of For Angela and A Class Divided.

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