Bu With Declan Edwards



Are you sick of feeling stuck in a life of surviving and getting by?Are you tired of dealing with anxiety, stress and self-doubt on a regular basis?Far too many people today are settling for lives where they aren't living up to their potential. But this does not have to be you. Join podcast host, keynote speaker, author and Coach, Declan Edwards as he brings together inspiring guest speakers, cutting-edge techniques, and a good dose of lighthearted banter in a way that will empower you to truly take charge of your life and begin thriving!Be Empowered. Be Exceptional. BU


  • EPISODE 1: Welcome to the BU Podcast!

    18/03/2018 Duration: 38min

    Welcome to the debut episode of the BU Podcast. Join your host, Declan Edwards, as he: 1. Empowers you with the philosophy of BU 2. Introduces himself and let’s you behind the scenes of his life story 3. Gives you the details to contact the BU team and request topics for each podcast episode