The Dolphin Who Loved Games

This friendly dolphin played games with people and birds.

Creating a Symphony of Steel

How a poor kid from Trinidad developed what became the only new instrument of the century: the steel pan drum. A bio of musician/drum maker Ellie Mannette.

They'll Be Back

Alan Craig throws his artwork around--because he's a boomerang artist!

Surrounded by Food

Melissa Lehman loves living on a farm--the work may not be easy but it can be "sweet."

Tin Can Summer

Maggie spends the summer in a trailer eating from tin cans with her loving wacky grandma.

Leonardo's Mysterious Lady

This article discusses a portrait by daVinci called "Lady with an Ermine" along with the detective work by scholars who deduced the identity of the subject.

Mystery of the Mud Nest

Who covers the nest to protect these frogs' eggs and how is it done?

Taking His Best Shots

Nature photographer John Fielder proves that great pictures are the result of planning resourcefulness skill and hard work.

The Mystery of the Wet Lizards

Learn how desert lizards "harvest" rainwater that has fallen on their backs.

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