Why Bears Sleep All Winter

Three bears find it hard to sleep because of too much noise.

Big Bugs

See the work of an artist who makes giant sculptures of some of the world's smallest creatures.

What Dinosaurs Left Behind

Fossil footprints led two boys to an important discovery.

Every Carving Tells a Story

Read how one artist's memories are carved into stories.

How the Weaverbird Built His Nest

How does the male weaverbird make such a perfect nest? By building it over and over again until he gets it right.

Born to Run

Get on track with this popular sport.

Sailing Forever Inside a Bottle

Craftsman William Westervelt reveals how model ships get into bottles.

All Together Now Fireflies!

Dr. Jonathan Copeland studies synchronous fireflies.

Space Junk

A lot of debris from space vehicles is cluttering outer space. What can we do about it?

Champions of Hibernation

This article is about fat dormice or "seven sleepers" animals related to squirrels. They hibernate for seven or eight months of the year slowing their breathing and heart rates to...

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