Surrounded by Food

Melissa Lehman loves living on a farm--the work may not be easy but it can be "sweet."

Taking His Best Shots

Nature photographer John Fielder proves that great pictures are the result of planning resourcefulness skill and hard work.

The Dental-Floss Fish

The Hawaiian cleaner wrasse gets its food by cleaning other fish.

The Dolphin Who Loved Games

This friendly dolphin played games with people and birds.

The Mysterious "Otter Cat"

Dr. John E. Becker had a rare site of a Jaguarundi, a wild cat of Central America

The Mystery of the Wet Lizards

Learn how desert lizards "harvest" rainwater that has fallen on their backs.

They'll Be Back

Alan Craig throws his artwork around--because he's a boomerang artist!

Watching Wild Babboons

Meet a scientist who dodged elephants and a cheetah to study baboons.

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